what isn't Fudge doing that had everybody upset.?

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InTales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, by Judy Blume.  Everyone is upset because Fudge isn't eating dinner.  His brother doesn't know what to do, his mother doesn't know what to do.  

The family doctor suggests to just give him a food that he will eat when he refuses to eat dinner.  That evening when Fudge refuses to eat dinner, she asks him what he wants to eat.  He requests cereal.  No sooner has she gotten him the cereal, when he refuses to eat it. 

The Dad, knows what to do.  He takes Fudge to the Bathroom, puts him in the bathtub, and tells Fudge, "You'll eat it, or wear it!"  When Fudge refused to eat the cereal, dad dumped the bowl of cereal on Fudge's head.  That finally straightened him out. 

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