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What are the 'isms' of the late 19th century and how does it relate to medicine/health? Such as liberalism, socialism, romanticism, militarism, industrialism just to list a few.

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Wow... this is quite the question without any more context -- what kind of impacts on medicine/health, for example.

Industrialism was a huge "ism" in the US in this time.  I would say that its major impact on medicine and health was that it harmed the health of many of the workers.  This is because of the really poor working conditions that people endured in the early days of industrialism.

In addition, industrialism and liberalism teamed up to start creating the health care system we have today in the US.  They defeated socialism in political competition in the US, which is why we have a free market (for the most part) health care system instead of a government-run one like many other countries.

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