What is your team experiences in a group project, and what did you get out of completing a virtual group project?

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I have had many opportunities to work on virtual group projects. As with any type of group work, there are advantages and challenges with this kind of collaborative format.

One major advantage of being able to collaborate virtually is that you don't need to find a physical space that is convenient for everyone to meet in. Each member of the team has the convenience of being able to work from home or some other place that works well for them. Another advantage is that individual members of the team can usually do work on their own time instead of waiting for a time that works well for everybody.

Some disadvantages that I have encountered center around the division of labor. It is important that the work is divided up equitably so that everyone is pitching in their fair share. From the start, I would recommend that everyone has a clearly specified set of tasks to complete and that no one person is doing more or less than their fair share of the labor.

Communication is also an issue. These...

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