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What is your opinion about the failure of the police to respond quickly to complaints of housebreaking due to the lack of resources?

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One could argue that though the failure of the police to respond quickly to complaints of housebreaking is lamentable, it is also understandable if there is a lack of available resources.

This doesn't, of course, mean that certain police forces cannot be criticized for not responding to break-ins in a timely manner. A lack of resources can explain a lot, but only so much.

Where available resources are stretched, it is all the more important to prioritize certain crimes, and if a specific area is plagued by an epidemic of housebreaking, then it will be necessary for the police to put dealing with that crime at the top of their to-do list.

If, for whatever reason, they choose not to do so, then criticism of the police is entirely justified, irrespective of whatever budgetary constraints the relevant police force may be experiencing.

Under such circumstances, the police will have to figure out a way to respond to the community's concerns, perhaps holding public meetings with members of the community as a way of rebuilding confidence and reassuring the public that they intend to be proactive in tackling housebreaking.

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