What is your evaluation of an online course's communication experience? What are its advantages, shortcomings, and ways to improve its future development?

When evaluating an online course's communication experience, consider the various ways your teacher has reached out to you throughout the course. Consider whether you have felt well-informed and respected and whether the communication you received about your work has helped you to better understand the content.

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Your instructor would like some feedback about how effective the communication has gone in your online course. This is often a struggle online: without intentional and structured communication efforts, students often feel disconnected from their instructor and from each other. Here are some things to consider as you provide that feedback:

  • How did your instructor provide communication? Did they send weekly emails? Post daily on a communication/bulletin board? Do you feel that they intentionally reached out to learn more about you? Did they text? Students have various levels of comfort in all of these communication methods, and many online teachers use multiple modes in order to best meet students' needs. If you didn't feel very connected with your teacher, how could that have been improved?
  • How did the course connect you with other students and allow you to communicate with them? Some teachers set up an online space so that students can ask each other questions and get help from classmates, especially if the teacher isn't available during that time. Other teachers provide live classes so that students have a chance to communicate with each other. Some teachers build periodic "breaks" or "forums" into the course so that students are able to connect with each other in ways that mimic traditional classroom communities.
  • How well did you know about deadlines and due dates? Were these presented at the beginning of the course? If so, did your teacher send reminders as those due dates neared? Did you find those helpful? It is not uncommon for online students to feel a bit confused in their efforts to find work, navigate new resources, access online textbooks, or determine how to keep up with deadlines. Consider the ways your teacher may have helped communicate some of these critical course issues.
  • What types of feedback did you receive on your assignments? Was the feedback specific and clear? Did it clearly explain how you could improve your work? Were you able to use that feedback to improve your understanding?
  • Did your teacher provide videos of themselves delivering content? Did you find that communication helpful?
  • What was your teacher's "online voice" like? Did you find it easy to understand? Were they friendly and proactive? Did you feel comfortable reaching out for help? If so, explain why; if not, explain how you could have been more comfortable in those communication efforts.

I hope this gives you some topics to consider as you provide this feedback for your instructor. Good luck, and I hope you enjoyed a great online course!

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