The Veldt Questions and Answers
by Ray Bradbury

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What is unique about the stove?

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George and Lydia's Happylife Home is a technologically advanced house that is completely automated. The smart home performs everyday duties like automatically cleaning and also entertains the family. In the story, George and Lydia's stove prepares entire meals for the family. Unlike a typical oven, which relies on a person to construct a meal while the stove simply cooks the food, the automated stove makes the entire meal without any human intervention.

The Hadley family becomes completely reliant on their smart home, which begins to replace George and Lydia as parents. Their entitled children, Wendy and Peter, spend the vast majority of their time inside the nursery, which has interactive walls that can transform into any environment the children think of. Lately, the nursery has transformed into the ominous African veldt, where lions roam and wish to devour George and Lydia.

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