What is Tony's relationship with Octavio in There There?

In There There, Tony and Octavio’s relationship seems exploitative and manipulative. Octavio takes advantage of Tony’s insecurities and uses him to help rob the powwow. He makes Tony buy the bullets, hide the bullets, and dress up in full regalia. It’s safe to say that Octavio and Tony’s relationship is neither wholesome nor helpful.

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Tony is the name of one of the main characters in Tommy Orange's novel, whose full name is Tony Loneman. As you might already be aware from having read the novel, Tony is not the most confident or secure person. He doesn’t have very many friends. He seems rather isolated and alienated. His face is different due to fetal alcohol syndrome. When Tony hears he has fetal alcohol syndrome, he thinks he has “Drome.”

People think Tony is stupid. Yet Tony is...

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