What is thesis of "The End of Something" by Ernest Hemingway?

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I believe there is a little confusion regarding distinctions between themes and a thesis statement, with the former a routine element of fiction and the latter more commonly associated with nonfiction.  A thesis refers to the declaratory sentence or argument that constitutes the central idea that will be argued and that can be counter-argued by those who dissent with the author's argument. That said, if one is compelled to identify a thesis for Hemingway's short story, it could read: 

"Human relationships are perishable, but are more sustainable between men than between men and women."

Usually, a thesis statement is a sentence or sentences that can be isolated from the rest of the text and that provide the central argument to be advanced. Hemingway's story provides no such sentence, so one must go back to the question of the story's theme, which both mwestood and I addressed.  Nick has grown tired of his relationship with Marjorie and, as importantly, feels threatened by her growing...

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