What is theme of "Dusk" by Saki?

The main themes of "Dusk" by Saki include deception, false appearances, and the infallibility of judgement. The conceited Gortsby thinks he's an excellent observer of human nature, but his confidence in his own judgement proves misplaced after an encounter with a con man.

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"Dusk" is a short story written by British short story writer and satirist Hector Hugh Munro, most commonly known by his pen name Saki and occasionally known by H. H. Munro. It was originally published in his 1930 collection of short stories titled The Complete Short Stories of Saki.

"Dusk" follows an intelligent and somewhat judgmental and cynical young man named Norman Grotsby, who comes across and is deceived by one, or maybe even two, con artists. There are many socially relevant themes which are represented in the story such as deception, human nature, pessimism, perception, and uncertainty; however, the main theme seems to be the importance and inevitability of fate, as Saki often mocked the overconfident and falsely superior British elites and enjoyed making them 'victims' of fate.

One could argue that the main theme of "Dusk" concerns the dangers of judging a book by its cover. Having observed the massed ranks of the defeated coming and going from his vantage point in the park,...

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