What is the value of (5r +1/5)squared when r=0?

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Let's start by looking at the component parts of the number sentence. Five is being multiplied by zero. The product of that answer then has one fifth added to it. Everything in the parentheses is then raised to the second power.

This problem involves understanding the order of operations. In this case, the parentheses come first; therefore, everything in parentheses must be worked. Since we know the value of "r" in this case, we can substitute zero in its place. Any time a variable is next to a number, that implies the two will be multiplied. The product of five and zero is zero. This leaves you with only 1/5 in the parentheses. Any time something is squared, that means that it is raised to the second power; essentially, one multiplies it by itself. One could reach for a calculator to work this problem by entering in the fraction using a fraction bar. One could also enter "one divided by five" and place it in parentheses and then square it. For me, it would be easier to square both the numerator and denominator on paper and then turn in the answer. The numerator (one) squared is one. The denominator (five) squared is 25. Therefore, the final answer is 1/25.

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