What is the use of technology if it has destroyed its creators? Discuss the main dichotomy underlining "There Will Come Soft Rains."

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I think that this becomes the primary issue in the short story.  I don't think that Bradbury blames technology for killing off the people.  Rather, he constructs a vision of a "morally neutral" technological setting.  Human beings construct the technological means to do amazing things.  Self- cleaning of a house, destruction of millions, and an automated presence that expands and astounds the mind is the paradigm of technology.  Yet, like the fact that the story transpires with no people, Bradbury is suggesting that technology still requires human beings to provide the affect that is sorely missing.  Technology has not contributed to the wiping out of millions and the destruction present.  These are realities of human beings, with technology being the means by which these ends have been accomplished.  Technology has been the arena where these individuals have been able to exercise all that was sought.  It was individual human beings that detonated the nuclear explosion that wiped out life in Allendale, and it was technology that created the home that takes care of its inhabitants.  I think that Bradbury is not suggesting that technology is to be feared as much as human beings' will and destructive ends.

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