What is the Two Minutes Hate in 1984?

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In Orwell's classic novel 1984, the Two Minutes Hate is a required daily ritual that all Party members must attend to vent their hate, fear, and anxiety in a manufactured hysterical environment. During the Two Minutes Hate, Party members gather in front of a large telescreen, which displays the image of Big Brother's most hated enemy, Emmanuel Goldstein.

Emmanuel Goldstein is an enigmatic, ominous figure who the Party uses as a scapegoat. He is dedicated to overthrowing Big Brother, and his image strikes fear into Oceania's populace. The Party members watch as Emmanuel Goldstein tells exaggerated lies about Big Brother and threatens the entire nation while enemy armies march behind him.

As Emmanuel Goldstein disrespects Big Brother and the images of marching soldiers fill the screen, the hysteria in the room begins to build as Party members cannot contain their hate and rage. Party members curse and throw objects at the screen, and even Winston Smith cannot contain his emotions. Party members begin yelling at the top of their lungs and experience an overwhelming sense of anger as they vent their frustrations.

The Two Minutes Hate ritual not only gives the oppressed Party members an opportunity to vent their rage but also redirects their inherent frustrations outward. The Two Minutes Hate is one of the many ways the Party uses propaganda to manipulate and control the population.

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