I'll Be Gone in the Dark Questions and Answers
by Michelle McNamara

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What is the tone of I'll Be Gone in the Dark?

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I'll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara carries a tone of seriousness and even desperate determination as McNamara compiles research and stories and makes connections related to the Golden State Killer. McNamara becomes somewhat obsessed with tracking down the identity of the killer, who targeted and brutally murdered over 50 people across California. The book, unlike other true crime non-fiction stories, does not carry the familiar tone of entertainment that some authors attempt to weave throughout the noel. Instead, the book carries a somberness and stern research-based approach as the author lays out the list of murders and attempts to provide any connections or patterns that can be found in who was murdered, when, where, and how by the unknown killer (at the time of McNamara's writing of the book).

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