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What is the timeline of events that inspired the Mexican Revolution?

The Mexican Revolution was inspired by the people's dissatisfaction with the tyrannical rule of dictator Porfirio Diaz, who reigned through terror and control. Mexico's gap between rich and poor was quickly widening, and poor Mexican farmers had no voice in government. The Revolution saw many groups scramble for power and populist revolutionaries such as Pancho Villa called national attention to the plight of poor farmers. Eventually, Mexico formed a constitution and became a constitutional republic.

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The Mexican Revolution came on the heels of the Latin American Revolutions that spread across the region after the American and French Revolutions. The enlightenment ideas of philosophers such as Locke, Rousseau, Montesquieu, Beccaria, and Voltaire had become wildly popular within radical circles of Europe, eventually encouraging people around the world to fight for democracy and form constitutional republics. The Mexican people were tired of the wide gap between rich and poor, the exploitation of the poor workers, and the blatant political corruption and nepotism present in Mexican government.

The Mexican Revolution, beginning in 1910, ended the thirty-one-year long dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz in Mexico and ushered in a frantic power vacuum where many groups scrambled for power. Many populist...

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