What is the thesis statement of "Native America Writes Back: The Origin of the Indigenous Paradigm in Historiography" by Susan A. Miller?

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Below is a link to the abstract of Susan A. Miller's article "Native America Writes Back: The Origin of the Indigenous Paradigm is Historiography." Here, Miller gives her own thesis statement for the article. However, even in the abstract, this is stated at some length and in detail. A simpler thesis statement might be made in the following form, using the author's two key assertions.

First, the recent disputes (in 2008) in Native American scholarship have a source which is not generally understood: the adoption by a relatively small group of scholars of a global paradigm of Indigenous historiography which emerged in the 1970s, and which these scholars now apply specifically to Native American history and culture. Second, the most important element of this paradigm is that the cosmos is to be treated as a living being, and the spiritual views of Indigenous people are to be taken seriously as having real-world consequences.

The majority of the article is concerned with exploring the environmental, legal, political, and ethical consequences of this paradigm.

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