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What is the theme or message Irving is trying to convey to his readers in the story “The Adelantado of the Seven Cities”? 

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The short story "The Adelantado of the Seven Cities" by Washington Irving bears resemblance to Irving's famous tale "Rip Van Winkle" in that the protagonists of both stories find themselves propelled into the future by unknown mystical powers.

At the beginning of "The Adelantado of the Seven Cities," in the early fifteenth century, a shipwrecked pilot returns to Portugal with a tale of discovering an island inhabited by Spanish Christians who centuries previously had fled the Moslem invasion of Spain. Seven bishops had led seven groups to establish seven cities on this island. A young man named Don Fernando de Ulmo spends his fortune outfitting two caravels to find this lost island. The king grants him a commission that if he finds the lost land, he will become its Adelantado, or ruler, as long as he gives a percentage of the...

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