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by Lois Lowry

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What is the theme of The Giver, and what are 3 examples that support it?

Conformity versus individuality is a primary theme examined throughout The Giver, which is depicted by Jonas's struggle to embrace his individuality and challenge conformity. The Committee of Elders controls nearly every aspect of society, and citizens must conform or be released. Citizens conform by using precise language, taking pills for the Stirrings, and obeying the oppressive laws. Jonas challenges conformity by expressing his personal opinions, dismissing certain rules, and fleeing the community to permanently alter the culture of their society.

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One of the prominent themes explored throughout The Giver concerns conformity versus individuality. In Jonas's highly structured, austere community, individuality is virtually nonexistent and citizens are required to conform to society's standards or risk being released. The community is also founded on the principles of Sameness, which significantly limit personal freedoms and dramatically alter the natural environment. The Committee of Elders is the ruling political body of the community and the committee decides each person's occupation, matches spouses, creates family units, and even regulates the birthrate. The primary source of Jonas's anxiety at the beginning of the story concerns his lack of control in choosing his future occupation.

Citizens' thoughts and ideas are even suppressed and controlled through the use of language. The committee requires each person to use precise language, which severely limits their independent views and opinions. At a young age, children are taught to...

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