What is the theme of “Lob’s Girl”?

The most prominent themes of "Lob's Girl" are love at first sight and loyalty.

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When you hear the words "love at first sight," you probably think of Romeo and Juilet, or some other story of teenage romance. "Lob's Girl" is about the relationship between a girl and a dog, but it is no less a story of love at first sight. Within the story, Lob is referred to as "Sandy's dog," but the title makes the symmetry of their relations clear. She is as much Lob's girl as he is her dog. Lob makes a tremendous effort and undergoes great hardship to be with Sandy, walking over four hundred miles and then, when he is returned to his owner, doing the same again. Eventually, both Mr. Dodsworth and Sandy's parents accept that the two cannot be kept apart.

Love at first sight is particularly susceptible to alteration. A feeling that arises so suddenly seems inherently fickle. However, Lob and Sandy remain loyal to one another to the end. For years, he sleeps by her bedside every night. What happens at the end of the story is unclear, but one reading is that Lob's love for and loyalty to Sandy are able to transcend death. Whether or not this is how you interpret the ending, Sandy certainly finds comfort in the dog she believes is Lob and feels a bond with him that cannot be broken.

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