What is the symbolism in "Cat in the Rain" by Ernest Hemingway?

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In this short story, it seems as though just about everything is symbolic. Evidently, the story takes place shortly after World War I, an era in which many people feel quite disillusioned, when their ideas about the world had completely altered by the death and destruction they had witnessed. The two Americans are the only Americans at their hotel, isolated by their foreignness as well as by the location of their room and the rain which keeps them indoors. Their windows overlook "the war monument," and the "American girl," the wife, wants to rescue a cat that's stuck out in the rain. The couple seems to be vacationing in some small Italian beach town, and so the rain symbolizes their disappointment . They are disappointed with the world as it is now, with themselves, with the weather that ruins their beach holiday. The woman is only conscious of what she lacks: long hair, a cat, her own table with silver and candles, new clothes, and springtime. She has very short hair, like a...

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