What is the summary of "The Princess and the Puma?"

A summary of "The Princess and the Puma" would explain how Princess Josefa was out hunting when a lion nearly attacked her. The attack was interrupted when a knight called Ripley Givens interposed himself between the princess and the animal, stating that he was trying save his pet lion from her, when that really wasn't the case. Although Josefa went along with the story, her later conversation with her father shows that she knew the truth.

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The tongue-in-cheek title foreshadows the irony and subtle comedy in the story. The “princess” refers to Josefa O’Donnell, who is represented as “the princess” because her father owns more cattle than most other ranchers around and so has earned the title "king."

When he came to own 50,000 acres of land and more cattle than he could count, they called him O'Donnell "the Cattle King."

The puma of the title is a fierce Mexican lion that figures prominently in the story.

Josefa is a crack shot and knows her way around the plains. While described as a skilled horsewoman who can handle a gun better than most men, there is also a feminine side to her, and she is beautiful.

A young ranch hand named Ripley Givens wants to marry her. One evening by chance, he sees her at the riverbed drinking water and notices the fierce lion about to attack her. It is too late for him to grab his gun, so he valiantly jumps out to scare the lion away. The next thing that he knows, the dead lion has fallen...

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