What is the summary of each chapter of A Dog's Purpose?

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A Dog’s Purpose is a 32 chapter novel narrated from the perspective of a dog who is repeatedly reincarnated, with his ultimate goal of discovering his true purpose. To avoid an overly long post, I will be brief in my chapter discussions.

Chapter 1: The puppy is first born and lives in the wild with its mother and siblings. Men in a truck capture Mother, the narrator, and his brother Fast.

Chapter 2: The three dogs arrive at a dog rescue sanctuary in the desert. The owner names the narrator Toby, which he likes. Mother escapes through the fence, and Toby follows.

Chapter 3: The owner, Senora, finds Toby and takes him back to the sanctuary. Toby is neutered. Sister, the puppy who didn’t get captured, is brought there, too.

Chapter 4: Spike is brought there and becomes the new top dog. He viciously attacks other dogs, and Toby ends up crippled (with three legs) after a scuffle with Spike. Authorities show up and confiscate all the dogs.

Chapter 5: Toby “wakes up” as a new puppy, after...

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