What is the summary of chapter 5 of Captains Courageous by Rudyard Kipling?

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Chapter 5 of Captain's Courageous is a desultory stretch of the narrative, featuring not only Harvey, the young protagonist, but also fleshing out the varied members of the crew of the cod-fishing schooner and providing a sense of the texture of the daily routine aboard the We're Here.

After only a few days at sea, the 15-year-old Harvey seems to have acclimated fairly well, considering his wealthy background. From working with oilskins, he's acquires "gurry-sores" on his wrists as marks of the trade and learned how to handle the gaff and gob-stick from the dory in fog-swept waters.

When he's first allowed to take the wheel, Harvey does well for awhile but shows his inexperience in accidentally tearing an old staysail in the process. He soon learns to mend the sail with palm thread. And he's able to surprise Disko Troop, the tough ship's captain, by knowing enough math to use the quadrant or "hog-and-yoke."

More to the point, Harvey has learned to blend in with the ship's crew through his...

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