What is the summary of Act 1 of As You Like It by William Shakespeare?

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A French Duke has been deprived of his throne by his younger brother Frederick, and is now living like old Robin Hood of England in the Forest of Arden with many merry men about him.

Similarly, another pair of brothers, the sons of Sir Roldand de Boys, are at odds. Oliver, the elder, though charged with his younger brother's education, keeps him "rustically at home," and the younger, Orlando, begins to rebel against this unnatural treatment.

Hearing that Orlando is planning to try his strength against Charles, the Duke's wrestling champion, Oliver incites Charles to foil his brother. Orlando, however, despite the fears of Ceila and Rosalind, wins the match.

When he learns that Orland is the son of an old friend of the banished Dukes, Frederick snubs Orlando instead of rewarding him.

Rosalind, already interested in Orlando, gives him her necklace. Frederick grows more angry and banishes Rosalind, whom he has tolerated as a companion for Celia. Celia and Rosalind plan to seek the old Duke in Arden. Rosalind, for safety, disguises herself as a boy and Touchstone, the jester, goes along as a companion.

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