What is the summary for Finding Zasha by Randi G. Barrow?

Finding Zasha is about a 12-year-old boy named Ivan who, in the midst of Nazi-occupied Russia, leaves his family to live with relatives. He joins an anti-German group, is employed by a German commander, and then escapes with two of the commander's dogs.

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Finding Zasha is a historical young adult novel written by Randi Barrow. Set in 1941, the novel's setting is Russia in the midst of World War II. Leningrad is under siege by German forces, and Ivan, a twelve-year-old, is sent away from the city to live with extended family.

However, even in the secluded town with his relatives, Ivan is captured by Germans and forced into slave labor. A German commander, Axel Recht, takes interest in Ivan and enlists him to help care for Recht’s two dogs. Ivan immediately sympathizes with the animals when he witnesses Recht’s penchant for violence.

One day, Recht leaves for battle. Ivan takes advantage of Recht’s absence to escape with the two dogs with the help of the Partisans. While caring for Recht’s dogs, Ivan has also secretly gathered information to pass along to the Partisans, who are a group subverting the Germans.

What comes next is a harrowing tale of escape. Ivan has underestimated Recht’s desire to get his dogs back, and Recht hunts...

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