Rabbit Hole Questions and Answers
by David Lindsay-Abaire

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What is the structure of the play?

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Rabbit Hole is a contemporary two-act play that opened on Broadway in 2006.

Howie and Becca Corbett, a young suburban couple, lose their son in a car accident. The child was killed accidentally by Jason, a high school student who struggles with his guilt and seeks to reconcile with the couple.

The first act has four scenes, which set up the situation and build tension as the main characters struggle to move on with their lives after the death of their son.

The second act also has four scenes. In the climactic first scene, Howie and Jason have a confrontation at the door of the Corbetts' home. In the final scene, Becca reflects on the inescapable nature of her sadness. She renews her resolve to find fulfillment in life despite the tragic death of her son.

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