What is the story "The Man Who Jumped Into the Water" trying to teach society?

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The story explains how the main character of the story, Charlie Hartz, committed suicide at the apparent height of his life. However, the title encourages readers not to think of Charlie for the way that he died, but for the daring and youthful nature with which he lived.

One of the lessons taken from the story is that appearances can be deceiving and that we never truly know what others are going through. Although Charlie was an involved community member, a friend to both the adolescents and the adults in his social circle—the leader of a successful business, and in a solid marriage—that does not signify he was healthy mentally. No matter how much a person possess materially or externally, it is not a reflection of their internal satisfaction, and sometimes people who suffer do not show it. This lesson promotes greater awareness of mental health versus prioritizing external, material things as the marker of a happy life. This can also be understood as promoting suicide awareness...

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