What is the source of optimism at the beginning of act 2 in Death of a Salesman?

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Throughout Death of a Salesman, optimism is indicated by Willy Loman's references to gardening. Whenever Willy is feeling positive about his life, he mentions that he intends to plant some seeds. At the beginning of act 2, as Willy gets ready for work, Linda comments on the upcoming changes. The two sons are making a show of unity and planning for the future with their new business idea—selling sporting goods in Florida.

This concept is important in part because they will be their own bosses; they won't work for someone else. The specific cause for optimism is the potential that Bill Oliver will provide Biff with a start-up loan. Linda tells her husband that Biff has a "hopeful" attitude. This prompts Willy to comment that he wishes to plant some seeds. The young men's unity and...

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