What is the significant about the date 1823 in Mama Day? What role does it play in the legend of Sapphira Wade? And how has it crept into the popular speech of present day Willow Springs?

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One of the major themes of Mama Day is the importance of mythology and belief in the context of large-scale identity. Mama Day knows that without the mythological presence of Sapphira Wade, Willow Springs cannot exist in a figurative or literal sense. With this, 1823 becomes the date most associated with Willow Springs and most fundamental to its power and very existence. 1823 is the year that Willow Springs is created as a community for descendants of slaves. Apart from this, 1823 is symbolic because of the mythology that surrounds the date. Mama Day is regarded as the only person on the island with the knowledge of the true history of Willow Springs. She is considered to be a direct descendant of Sapphira Wade, and because of this belief, she is held in almost mythical status.

For the people of Willow Springs, they believe that 1823 is when Sapphira Wade either killed or seduced Bascombe Wade, thus allowing her to take the deed to the island and start a land separate from any nation....

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