What is the significance of the last two scenes of the play Doctor Faustus?

The last two scenes of the play Doctor Faustus show Faustus vacillating between repentance and despair with a sudden urgency after wasting most of his life. The seriousness of the pact he has made finally becomes apparent to him as he struggles desperately against his fate.

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The last two scenes of Marlowe's Doctor Faustus show both internal and external conflict coming to a head after a long postponement caused by Faustus's frivolous use of his powers. To summon up Helen of Troy and become her lover is a long way from becoming "Emperor of the World," as Faustus predicted he would when he made the pact with Mephistophilis. It is farther still from the knowledge he originally claimed to want. However, it is still a more impressive sin than the foolish tricks on which...

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