What is the significance of summer, winter, water, eyes, houses, and mirrors in The Kite Runner?

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In The Kite Runner, Amir describes winter as his and other Afghani children's favorite time of year. School is out, and more importantly, it's time for the kite-fighting tournament. Despite this positive association with winter, the trauma of Hassan's sexual assault mars the season for both Hassan and Amir. On the contrary, the summer (which American kids associate with freedom) is the time for school.

Houses are significant in a couple of ways, specifically Amir and Baba's house in Kabul. That house is symbolic to Amir in that it holds his childhood memories, but it quickly becomes associated with pain and guilt after Hassan is assaulted. Later, when Amir returns to the house after many years in America, he is ready to embrace memories and reclaim the past so that he can move...

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