What is the significance of journeys in Sexing the Cherry?

The significance of journeys in Sexing the Cherry is that they hold out the possibility of self-discovery. For instance, Jordan spends his whole life in pursuit of one quest or another. Through each one he learns more about himself, which is especially important for someone who was abandoned as a child.

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Journeys of one kind or another—journeys to different countries, journeys between different time dimensions, journeys between historical epochs—have great significance in Sexing the Cherry. They are essentially learning experiences, which allow those embarking upon them to understand themselves better. The various characters in the story are able to slip back and forth between different historical periods, allowing them to see themselves as connected with humanity as a whole, joined together as part of a vast cosmic unity.

This particular kind of journey is especially important for Jordan, as journeying gives him a sense of identity, which is essential for someone abandoned as a child. To some extent, Jordan needs to construct his own identity, and journeying through different dimensions allows him to do precisely that.

It’s notable that for Jordan all paths lead away from home. The term “East, West, home’s best” simply doesn’t apply to him. The reason for this isn’t hard to find: he has no home. Journeys are therefore always into the unknown, an external manifestation of Jordan’s lack of self-knowledge. In order to find himself in this world, in order to give himself an identity, Jordan needs to travel in it; he cannot stay in any one place for long. In some respects, the journey is more important than the destination, not least because the destination is always unknown.

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