What is the significance of honor in Much Ado About Nothing? How is female honor different from male honor? In the end, does honor do more harm or more good? Explain and support your answer.

In Much Ado About Nothing, honor is vital to the social lives of the characters. When honor is perceived as stained, a character is often unable to participate in the community. This happens to Hero when Don John makes it appear she is unchaste. Female honor is linked to bodies and sexual behavior, while male honor is linked to physical daring. In the end, the social politics of honor harm the characters more than anything else.

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In Much Ado About Nothing, honor is a concept that governs the social lives of the characters. To have honor is to be respected. Without honor, a character is essentially exiled from the life of the community and viewed as a contaminating influence on others. Honor is important for both men and women, but for different reasons.

The big difference between male and female honor is that female honor is explicitly linked with her body. A woman has "honor" if she remains a virgin until marriage and retains that honor so long as she remains faithful to her husband. This honor is compromised even if she only appears to be unchaste or if the woman is raped.

In contrast, male honor has nothing to do with his chastity. In a society like the one in Much Ado About Nothing , a man can lose his virginity before...

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