What is the setting of the story "The Veldt"?

Ray Bradbury's short story "The Veldt" is set sometime in the future and takes place in the Hadley family's completely automated, technologically advanced Happylife Home. The second primary setting takes place inside the Happylife Home's nursery, which displays three-dimensional images of anything the children are thinking. The Hadley children spend most of their time inside the nursery, where they conjure the menacing setting of the African veldt.

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The setting of “The Veldt” is the Hadley’s home, although this is not a family home as we would recognize it today. Their futuristic home is controlled by automated, state-of-the-art technology that makes the scenery in the massive nursery transform depending on the children’s mood and what they are thinking about. The nursery, which is something of an obsession for the Hadley children, is currently showcasing, through virtual reality, an African savannah scene. The technological capabilities of this smart home mean that the sights, sounds, and smells perceived in the nursery will lead the occupants to feel like they are in Africa.

For all the benefits that the smart home offers George and Lydia Hadley, it comes with the remarkable disadvantage that the Hadleys can no longer connect with their children at all, as they have become completely swept up into the virtual worlds offered by the smart home technology. The children’s feelings of animosity towards their parents are...

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