What is the setting of the novel Turtles All the Way Down? How does it impact the story, including the conflict, characters, and plot?

The setting of Turtles All the Way Down is Indianapolis, Indiana. Specific settings in and around the city include the high school that Aza and Daisy attend, several characters’ homes, a hospital, and an area around a river. They relate in various ways to Aza’s conflicts, both internal and with Daisy. The houses differ according to class, as Davis Pickett comes from a wealthy family. Specific locations become significant as they search for his father.

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The overall setting of John Green’s novel is Indianapolis, Indiana. The time period seems to be approximately contemporary with the novel’s 2017 publication. Among the numerous specific settings in and around the city, some are more relevant to the characters, while others are more closely connected with the plot. In terms of conflicts, there is a primary internal conflict within Aza, but she also experiences external conflicts with her best friend, Daisy. As the girls’ relationship has numerous ups and downs, the settings relate to different aspects of their conflict.

One specific setting is White River High School, which both girls attend. The fact that they are friends and classmates is significant. The hospital where Aza is treated connects with her internal conflicts that manifest as anxiety and OCD. Aza’s and Daisy’s homes also appear. As Davis becomes more important in the action, the differences between his large, well-appointed home and theirs are emphasized. Davis’s wealthy family’s home is on an estate encompassing a golf course and pool.

Numerous locations around the White River play crucial roles as the plot develops. Once the girls commit to searching for Davis’s father, their quest becomes an elaborate mystery as they attach clues to different locations. For example, they look in the woods near the Pickett estate. Especially significant is the Pogue’s Run tunnel, where Russell Pickett’s body is discovered.

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