What is the setting of "The Cask of Amontillado"? What details of the setting contribute to the horror of this story?

The setting of "The Cask of Amontillado" begins at a carnival, or festival. Fortunato is already quite intoxicated when Montresor meets him there, and his judgement is thus impaired. Montresor utilizes this knowledge of the man and then exploits his pride in wine connoisseurship to lure him away to the Montresor family's catacombs.

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The setting of Poe's classic short story "The Cask of Amontillado" takes place at an Italian carnival and later in the depths of Montresor's extensive catacombs. The initial carnival setting creates a chaotic, frenzied mood, and the cheerful atmosphere juxtaposes Montresor's cruel intentions. While Fortunato and the community celebrate the festive carnival, Montresor executes his murderous plot. The fact that Montresor initiates his evil plan in the midst of a joyous occasion contributes to the horror of the story as the audience recognizes that nowhere is safe from a determined enemy. The carnival setting also allows Montresor to inconspicuously approach Fortunato, who is too intoxicated and distracted by the merry atmosphere to recognize that he is in grave danger.

After the characters travel to Montresor's palazzo, the setting shifts to his extensive catacombs, which are extremely dark, damp, and cold. Inside Montresor's vaults, nitre hangs from the ceiling; skulls and bones line the...

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