What is the setting of Becoming by Michelle Obama?

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Becoming is a 2018 memoir written by former US First Lady Michelle Obama. It chronicles her life, starting from her childhood in Chicago to her experiences in the White House. It is separated in three parts: Becoming Me, Becoming Us and Becoming More. The book does not have a specific setting; instead, it is set in various locations which are connected to the memoir’s main events.

Becoming Me is mostly set in Chicago. Thus, the first important location is Michelle’s family home and later on, her apartment in South Shore, which is a small community located in the south side of Chicago. Then, when she tells the readers about her education, the story takes place in Bryn Mawr Elementary and Whitney Young High School. The story is also set at Princeton University and the Pyne Hall dormitory in Princeton, New Jersey, as well as in Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After her studies, Michelle comes back to Chicago to work at the Sidley Austin law firm. Becoming Us , which focuses on...

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