What is the setting of "A Worn Path"?

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The specific location of Santiago's home village is not given in the story, but there are many clues as to the setting.

Obviously, the story is set in a location that has Spanish has the primary language. However, there are English-speaking tourists in the area. The village has a beach and access to the ocean, so it is along a coastline. Santiago fishes in the Gulf Stream, so the coastline is along the eastern side of Mexico or on one of the islands southeast of Florida. Those who catch fish in Santiago's village take their catch "to the fish house where they waited for the ice truck to carry them to the market in Havana," the largest market city in Cuba. My interpretation is that Santiago's village is located somewhere on the southern coast of the island of Cuba, in the days before American tourists were not prohibited from traveling to Cuba.

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The setting of the short story "A Worn Path" is the depression era, specifically in rural, American South. The woman is overcoming obstacles on her quest to obtain medicine for her grandson, and the long journey starts in the woods of Mississippi all the way to the town of Natchez.

The focal point of the setting of the story is the actual road, which is full of a adversity, obstacles, limitations, problems, and incidents which make her path extremely difficult to complete, and her goals appear to be consistently blocked. This is allegorical to the life of black Americans in the depression era society, and in American society in the old South.

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The only part of the setting that is stated in the story is "it was December--a bright frozen day in the early morning."  The time period must have been early to mid-1900's because of the cost of a nickel during this time period.  It wasn't worth a lot to most people, but to Phoenix it was.

The other half of the setting is the place.  This takes place in the south and most likely in Mississippi since this is where a lot of Welty's fiction takes place. She is out in the country as she makes her physical and "spiritual" journey.

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