Julius Caesar Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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What is the setting in Julius Caesar?

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Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare is a play based on actual historical events in the life of the military leader, author, politician and dictator Julius Caesar, a man who bears much of the responsibility for the transformation of the Roman Republic into an empire. Caesar founded an imperial dynasty as well as being responsible for many impressive military victories.

The play is set in ancient Rome and surrounding areas in the period just before and after Caesar's assassination by Brutus and his fellow conspirators on 15 March 44 BC

The first scene of the play is on a street in Rome where Caesar is on his way to the Coliseum. In this scene, the audience encounters Caesar, Brutus, Cassius​, and the soothsayer as well as various other characters and Roman citizens. The second and third scenes also occur on Roman streets.

The second act opens in the house of Brutus and includes a scene in the garden. The second scene of the act is set indoors in Caesar's house and includes a dialogue between Caesar and his wife Calpurnia. Caesar's death occurs just outside the Senate. Caesar's funeral is set outdoors. Act IV and V are set in Greece, in battle camps and on the battlefield where Brutus dies, ending the civil war that ensued after Caesar's death.

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