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What is the setting in Get On Out of Here, Philip Hall?

Get On Out of Here, Philip Hall is set in Pocahontas, Arkansas. However, after a series of setbacks, Beth goes to live with her grandma in nearby Walnut Ridge.

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Get On Out of Here, Philip Hall is a part of Bette Greene's charming series of YA books about the precocious and confident 11-year-old Beth Lambert. As with the other books in the series, Get On Out of Here is set in Arkansas.

Arkansas is in the southern part of the United States. The town that Beth is from, Pocahontas, is quite small and quaint. As one of the characters exclaims,

Pocahontas ain't what you'd call a famous place like Little Rock or New York!

Yet Pocahontas has its own newspaper, The Pocahontas Weekly News. It also has its own church and, of course, cool clubs like the Pretty Pennies Girls Club of Pocahontas, Arkansas.

After a series of setbacks (which we won't get into here), Beth becomes a rather unpopular figure in Pocahontas. Beth doesn't like playing the role of piranha.

I want to live in a place where my hi's and my goodbye's will be answered back,

she states.

About halfway through the book, the setting changes. We're still in Arkansas, but we're not in Pocahontas, we're in Walnut Ridge.

Does Beth seem impressed with Walnut Ridge? We'd say she is. She makes note of the big school and its large number of teachers. She also tells us about Ledbelter's department store. As Beth puts it,

I wondered how anybody in their right mind could call Walnut Ridge boring.

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