What is the setting in chapter 6 of The Chrysalids?

The setting in chapter 6 of The Chrysalids is David's house in Waknuk, which is a district in Labrador.

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The setting in chapter 6 of The Chrysalids is not very diverse. While readers will eventually get to see the Fringes, chapter 6 takes place entirely in Waknuk, which is a district within Labrador.

If you need a more specific location, that setting location would be David's house. The chapter begins with David recovering from his wounds and injuries that he got from Alan and his father. He spends the night dreaming, and David's dreams are dreams that he hasn't had in a long time. He dreams about the city with the fish in the sky, as well as about his father killing Sophie.

The following morning takes place in David's house as well. The Inspector visits with David again and asks him additional questions about Sophie. David struggles with believing that Sophie is a Blasphemy, and the Inspector tries to logically explain it. David's father returns to the house and says that the Wenders have been captured, and David feels incredible guilt.

The rest of the chapter is a conversation between David and his uncle. David tells Uncle Axel that he is going to run away, and David has a lot of questions about what it is like outside of Waknuk. Uncle Axel explains quite a bit, but much of it is based on rumor. David will eventually get to experience firsthand what life is like outside of Waknuk.

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