What is the season and month in each chapter of The Hobbit? What is the importance of the time of the year?

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As described in the other answer, The Hobbit (published in 1937) begins in April and ends in November. This answer will cover the significance of these seasons in terms of J. R. R. Tolkien's background as a philologist who taught at Oxford University from 1925 to 1959. His academic specialty was medieval literature.

Tolkien's understanding of medieval religion and the underpinning of his mythological background to Middle Earth derive from a movement sometimes known as the myth and ritual school which explored the anthropological background of classical and medieval mythology.

The seminal figure in this movement was Sir James George Frazer, author of The Golden Bough (published in 1890–1915 in several volumes and editions). In medieval studies, a significant work in this school, which also influenced T. S. Eliot's The Wasteland, was From Ritual to Romance by Jessie L. Weston, published in 1920 and which applied Frazer's insights to medieval romance. The Cambridge Ritualists, including Jane...

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