What is the role played by women in God's Bits of Wood?

In God's Bits of Wood, women play numerous roles, including the roles of sisters, daughters, wives, mothers, and participants in the resistance movement. Although women are not railroad employees, over the course of the novel, the author shows how they become deeply involved in the workers’ struggle. The issues of injustice that led the workers to strike affect not only their male relatives, but also their families and community. Women become not just members, but leaders of the anti-colonial movement.

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Females play a variety of important roles in God's Bits of Wood , including traditional family roles such as sisters, daughters, wives, and mothers. An important aspect of the novel’s development is the way women change, initially observing the male relatives and friends who participate in resisting the French colonial railroad authorities but not always approving of their actions. Women are not hired as railroad workers, but they...

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