What is the role of the FDA in the food industry?

The role of the FDA is to protect public health by making sure that food in the United States is safe for consumers.

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plays a significant role in just about every part of the food industry in the United States. In short, the FDA is in charge of protecting public health by regulating and implementing safety measures connected to the food industry as well as that of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in the industry.

Furthermore, the FDA is in charge of ensuring that the public can safely consume most of the foods that are available in the market. To that end, the FDA monitors the risk of foodborne illness and issues recalls if a food source has potentially been contaminated. It also issues approval before many foods are produced to begin with. The FDA conducts regular inspections of farms and food processing sites to help prevent outbreaks of diseases that might endanger the public.

The FDA also enforces the transparency of ingredients. It makes sure that ingredients are appropriately labeled on food products and that designations, such as organic and non-GMO, are accurate.

The FDA even plays a role in national security. The agency implements measures to protect the nation's food supply from threats of terrorism and attack.

In summary, the Food and Drug Administration is the public line of defense when it comes to food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic safety.

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