What is the role of the child care specialists, the assistant director of recreation, and the director of recreation in The Giver?

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In The Giver by Lois Lowry, everyone has a job. The assignments are given out at the Ceremony of Twelve.

Childcare specialists take care of the children during the day. They essentially help raise the children. This involves disciplining the children in order to teach them the ways of the community. Jonas's friend Asher, who often mixes up words, is taught precision of language by the childcare specialists.

The Childcare specialists were trained very carefully in the discipline methods: a quick smack across the hands for a bit of minor misbehavior; three sharper smacks on the bare legs for a second offense.

Poor Asher, who always talked too fast and mixed up words, even as a toddler. As a Three, eager for his juice and crackers at snacktime, he one day said "smack" in-stead of "snack" as he stood waiting in line for the morning treat . . .

The discipline wand, in the hand of the Childcare worker, whistled as it came down across Asher's hands. Asher whimpered, cringed, and corrected himself instantly. "Snack," he whispered.

The Director of Recreation organizes activities, develops games, and oversees recreation time. The Assistant Director of Recreation helps with this. Asher is assigned the job of Assistant Director of Recreation, which is perfect for him because he fools around and likes to play.

Jonas is disturbed when he finds his friends spending their recreation time playing what he now recognizes as a game of war.

"You ruined it," Asher said in an irritated voice.

"Don't play it anymore," Jonas pleaded.

"I'm the one who's training for Assistant Recreation Director," Asher pointed out angrily. "Games aren't your area of expertness."

"Expertise," Jonas corrected him automatically.

"Whatever. You can't say what we play, even if you are going to be the new Receiver."

These are just some of the jobs one could be assigned in this society!

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