What is the role of regulatory agencies in continuous quality improvement? What career options are there for nurses to contribute to the development of a professional nursing career, and shaping the future of nursing?Describe the legal, moral, and ethical issues in contemporary nursing practice. Identify the social, political, cultural, and economic factors and trends that have influenced the development of professional nursing.

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It can be argued that every career path provides nurses the ability to shape the future of nursing. By providing quality care and participating in educating their patients, nurses contribute to the formation of a positive image of nurses and nursing professions. Fields such as community health, nurse midwife, or nurse case manager generally include significant responsibilities for educating patients and associates. In every field, nurses also continuously develop their own professional skills as they state up-to-date with recent changes that affect their ability to provide care. Nurses also work as consultants with other professional areas, such as in the position of legal nurse consultant.

The position of nurse educator specifically focuses on participation in the education field. Obtaining an advanced degree, either a master’s (such as the Master of Science in Nursing, MSN) or a doctorate, is generally a prerequisite for such a position. Nurse educators will bring their clinical expertise as well as their interest and preparation in the teaching area to positions as instructors and administrators in nursing programs in schools, colleges, and universities. They also supervise student nurses and teach future nurse educators. Their responsibilities are also likely to include designing classes and creating and revising curriculum, and evaluation of existing programs.

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