All the Light We Cannot See Questions and Answers
by Anthony Doerr

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What is the rising action in the book All the Light We Cannot See?

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The rising action of All the Light We Cannot See begins when Marie-Laure's father is taken by the Germans on accusation of espionage. This leaves Marie-Laure in the care of her uncle Etienne and his housekeeper Madam Manec. Madam Manec is part of the French resistance and, after becoming incapacitated, transfers some of her duties to Marie-Laure. Marie-Laure becomes more responsible for her uncle Etienne, who we learn is broadcasting a pirate signal that contains coded messages.

The rising action is split in to three stories. The story or Marie-Laure begins rising as noted above. The story of Werner sees the action rising upon his entrance to school and his indoctrination. This rise increases upon his graduation.

The rising action for Reinhold begins upon his discovery that several copies of the Sea of Flames were created and increases upon his determination that the Sea of Flames is located in Saint-Malo.

These threads come together for the book's climax.

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