What is the rhyming scheme in the poem "The Duck and the Kangaroo"?

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“The Duck and the Kangaroo” is a well-known poem by the nineteenth-century English poet Edward Lear. The poem tells a simple, humorous story about a duck who wants to escape the confines of its small pond; seeing a kangaroo and envying its ability to hop, the duck asks for a ride on its back. After some back-and-forth banter, the kangaroo obliges, and the two hop around quite happily.

The rhyme scheme of Lear’s poem follows a regular pattern, ababccdd. In other words, the first four lines of every eight-line verse feature alternating rhymes, while the last four lines are made up of two couplets. Lear’s choice of rhyme scheme is not arbitrary. Instead, it provides the poem...

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