What is the resolution of the story "La Puerta"?

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At the end of the story, the protagonist, Sinesio, finds the lottery ticket which he bought two weeks ago. He has just realized that this ticket is the winning ticket and that it is worth one hundred million pesos. This winning lottery ticket means that Sinesio and his family will no longer have to endure a life of poverty. It also means that he will no longer have to leave his family behind to find better paid work in America.

However, returning home, Sinesio discovers that his wife has glued the lottery ticket to the front door of their shack to cover a hole and keep the rain from coming in to the house. Sinesio and his wife try to remove the ticket from the door but without success. They only have about one hour before the deadline to claim the prize, so Sinesio, in desperation, pulls the door "completely off," and, carrying the door over his head, runs "down the streaming pathway to catch the autobús." This is how the story ends.

This ending offers no resolution. Rather, it is a cliff-hanger. The story is not resolved because we do not know whether Sinesio will manage to claim the prize in time, or whether the lottery ticket will survive the rain or be accepted. The story finishes with all of these questions left unanswered, or unresolved, and thus the story ends with a cliff-hanger rather than a resolution.

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