What is the relation between culture and language?

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Language and culture are intimately interrelated. and their relationship is rather complex. Language reflects and influences culture, and culture, essentially, forms it. We use language to communicate with each other and to express ourselves, as well as to maintain our culture and our identity. Language is actually an important component of culture, as culture is, basically, a symbiosis of tradition, religion, language, customs, beliefs, arts, and values. Culture can often shape our views and opinions, and language can help us share those views and opinions with the rest of the world. Thus, we use language as a tool to express and represent our culture, as well as to better understand our history and our ideology. Both culture and language are the foundations upon which we build our society.

According to many analysts, language and culture are two social concepts which are dependent on one another; culture cannot exist without language, and vice versa. Both language and culture are constantly changing, which is why there is often a difference between, for instance, how young people express themselves and how the elderly express themselves. In other words, changes in language cause changes in culture, and changes in culture cause changes in language. However, there are also some analysts who believe that language and culture are not as closely related as others like to think. For instance, the the English language is characteristic of not just one, but several cultures.

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