Miracle's Boys Questions and Answers
by Jacqueline Woodson

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What is the reason Charlie stopped praying when his mom died?

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Lafayette's noticed some major personality changes in Charlie since his mother passed away. In fact, it's like he's a different person, so much so that Lafayette starts calling him "Newcharlie" to distinguish from the old one he used to know and love. This new Charlie is cold and unapproachable. He no longer seems to care about anything. He just spends most of his waking hours staring out of the window and looking evil.

Aaron plucks up the courage to ask Charlie why he doesn't go to church anymore. A frowning Charlie tells him that church is for little boys. The last time he went to church was for his mom's funeral, so one can understand why Charlie's so reluctant to set foot in the place again. He's clearly been traumatized by his mother's death, which also explains why he no longer prays.

Back in the day he used to pray to St. Francis of Assisi to help those animals walking the cold streets not to freeze to death. But not anymore. Charlie has been forced to grow up quickly as a result of his mom's passing and now associates praying, as well as going to church, with a time of childhood innocence, an innocence that has now been lost forever.

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